Note: This page is for official Competition Rosters that will be decided by me personally, and used in actual battles.

Slagar's Gang:

The Compulsory HQ, Elites and Troops. But Mainly,

Space Marines - 850pts

Recombinant Exterminatus Roster.

Space Marines



But it won't be as much as my other team, the

Recombinant Exterminatus:

Space Marines


2 Land Raiders

Space Marines - 350pts

Slagar's Gang Roster, not quite as powerful as the Recombinant Exterminatus.


Overall the competition rosters will cost about £200 each, but it doesn't really matter. As I will still buy them and use them as Competition Teams. However, I do not know how 7th edition rosters work as I have only read the 6th edition rosters. However, the Apocalypse rules say that you can use any roster, even fielding units in the hundreds.

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